epic grout cleaner

I started following @GoCleanCo on Instagram (give them a follow here) and they have been giving me all the cleaning inspo this spring! I do try my best to use natural cleaners (like Thieves) for the majority of the time, especially on Mack’s things but some jobs, like this, require the big dogs.



This only took minutes and minimum scrubbing! here's how to do it.


Mix your potion! Here’s what I do:

-2 Cups HOT water
-2tbsp Powdered Tide Oxi (Borax or OxiClean will also work)
-Splash of bleach

Mix all together and get out your scrub brush. I love these ones.

Step 2

Start scrubbing! No, really. It’s that easy. If you are really OCD like me, you will mop with very hot water before and after doing this. However, you can just mop once after.

The dirt and grime should almost immediately come up. These were bad and I hardly had to put in any elbow grease for the dirt and buildup to just melt away. 
Cleaning your grout doesn’t need to be a tedious process! It feels silly not giving you more steps on how to do this, but it really is THAT easy! Make sure to give your floors a good mopping after! And always take before and after pictures my filthy animals.

Curious What Mops I Use?

I just got this spin mop (another recommendation through GoCleanCo) and it freaking rocks for when you want to go to town!

For an “easier” quick clean I love this mop by Nellie’s! I’ve had it for over a year now and can’t say a bad thing about it. It’s cordless, vibrates to help clean, the battery lasts forever, pads are machine washable and you can use any cleaning solution you like in it (or just water). Need I say more? (Wowwwww I am passionate about this mop….)

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