What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

This felt like such a “to-do” as a first time mom but really, it’s pretty simple. I don’t personally know a single person who has been completely glamed up right after giving birth. I didn’t have the energy to even look at myself let alone get ready for pictures. If you were able to, kudos to you mama!

On that note. I really didn’t pack too much! Comfy clothes for myself, a few cute outfits for Mack, and a change of clothes for Carl. We were at the hospital for 2 nights and our house is just down the road so Carl was able to run home if I needed anything. But on that note, here are a few things I recommend packing in your hospital bag.
Did I need to buy a specific bag for the hospital? No. Did I? Yes! I purchased this Vera Bradley bag and it was the perfect size. Even better: I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it since for weekend trips.

This is pretty obvious, but make sure to pack your camera and anything you will want to capture THOSE precious first moments. I also brought my laptop (so I could upload photos from my camera, otherwise it went unused!)

Quite honestly I just wore the hospital gown a majority of the time we were at the hospital. I didn’t have the energy to change and was so sore. But I did like having this gown for when we had visitors. It’s nursing friendly and very comfortable. Whatever clothes you do bring, I suggest making sure they are dark (there’s a lot of body fluids that will be happening) and stretchy.

SNACKS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. DO NOT FORGET TO PACK SNACKS! Yes the hospital provides you with some meals, but no one will be coming around to serve you food at 3AM when you’re suddenly starving and are wide awake. You thought you were hungry while pregnant? Just wait until you experience breastfeeding hunger! So bring all the snacks.

This is an important one to remember. LONG phone chargers. And not just for you, one for your significant other, too! I purchased two of these from Amazon and we are still using them 10+ months later. They’ve held up great.

The first shower you take after giving birth will be (slightly terrifying) and the best feeling ever. I made sure to bring my own toiletries from home and my own towels. The hospital provides towels, but they are small scratchy and thin. Not very comforting to say the least. If you can, bring darker towels over light. Again… body fluids.

I won’t get started on how ahem..gross.. hospital floors are. I loved having these slippers. They are so comfy, I found myself wearing them around the house the weeks leading up to giving birth! PS: Don’t forget a pair of rubber sandals for the shower.

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