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Hi I’m Kathryn; a 20 something year old wife, new mother and apparently now a blogger. I’m a lover of a clean house, a messy kitchen and a good dirty martini. Here you can find my family’s favorite recipes and my secret hacks to keeping our house clean between the chaos of having a baby, a handful of pets and a husband that I am constantly having to remind to take his shoes off.

how it started

My love for cooking and cleaning has been deep in my blood for as long as I can remember. I have memories as a child calling my mom up while she was at work asking questions on baking cookies and I even remember assembling “cleaning totes” for myself so I could tidy up around our house. My original plan with this website was to keep it simple and recipe based only but thanks to friends and loved ones encouragement I decided to expand it to share some of my favorite cleaning hacks as well as touch on my journey into motherhood.

a little more about me

I was born and raised in the Midwest and now reside in Sheboygan, WI also known as “Spirt of The Lake” as we are right off Lake Michigan with my husband Carl and our soon-to-be toddler, Mack. We own Aventuron which is an outdoor and sporting goods company. We sell bikes, fly fishing gear, camping equipment, and so much more.

Now that my primary role is to stay home with Mack I thought it was the perfect time to finally put together a website (which, if you ask any of my friends and family… I have been talking about doing this for far too long). As Carl says, don’t talk about it. Be about it. So here we (finally) are!

When I’m not attempting to be a master chef in the kitchen or cleaning up around the house, which may I add I am finding is nearly impossible to do stay on top of with a baby on the go, you can find me on the mountain bike trails or riding on my Peloton, enjoying the outdoors, loving up on our rainbow baby Mack, spending quality time with Carl when we finally both have the chance to relax during this hectic season of life, and hanging out with our family and loved ones.