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Peach & prosciutto pizza

A friend of mine shared to her Instagram stories the most amazing looking pizza and I knew I had to try my own take at it! It was takeout from a restaurant in Minnesota called La Ferme. On their “Georgia Peach Pizza” they have a roasted garlic sauce, spinach, bacon, ham, bell peppers and peaches!...



A Spanish-style soup made from fresh tomatoes and other veggies served cold. Perfect for summer! Don’t forget to add my homemade croutons! (recipe here)


Portobello Mushroom Carnitas

These are perfect for an amazing meatless meal that’s still packed with flavor! Not sure if you’d be into…mushroom tacos…? Neither was my hubby. BUT…after he tried these he said to me, and I quote, “I would never order these at a restaurant. But if someone else did and I tried them, I would make...

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