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Peach & prosciutto pizza

A friend of mine shared to her Instagram stories the most amazing looking pizza and I knew I had to try my own take at it! It was takeout from a restaurant in Minnesota called La Ferme. On their “Georgia Peach Pizza” they have a roasted garlic sauce, spinach, bacon, ham, bell peppers and peaches!...


Portobello Mushroom Carnitas

These are perfect for an amazing meatless meal that’s still packed with flavor! Not sure if you’d be into…mushroom tacos…? Neither was my hubby. BUT…after he tried these he said to me, and I quote, “I would never order these at a restaurant. But if someone else did and I tried them, I would make...


French Onion Chicken

If you like French Onion Soup, you’re going to go crazy over this new favorite! To say I’ve cooked a lot of meals for my husband throughout the years is an understatement and he took ONE bite of this and immediately said it’s a new favorite. This recipe has little prep time and only a...


3.2.1. Ribs

Smoking has become a weekend tradition at our household! Carl has been perfecting his rib recipe and is letting me share! I think what really perfected these was when Carl added my homemade Kansas City BBQ sauce! Get the recipe for that here.